Memorial designed, built by one young man to help remember another

Teen turns Eagle Scout project into memorial for little boy who died

SAN ANTONIO – A special memorial dedication took place at Bulverde Elementary school Friday morning. 

Isaac DeHerrera passed away two years ago from a brain tumor. The kindergartener was just 6 years old.

Corey Clemons, 15, a sophomore down the road at Johnson high School decided his Eagle Scout project would be something Isaac and his family would always be remembered. Clemons knew the boy through his little brother.

Raising money working a lemonade stand since he was a boy himself, Clemons decided to put the money towards a memorial for Isaac.

"I've done all kinds of service for charity and this is charity right here, real life that I could do something for," Clemons said.

There was already a bench, so he moved it then, with the help of family and friends, he built a pergola at the perfect spot just outside the door of the school overlooking the kindergarten playground.

"It is a nice shaded place for people to sit," Clemons said.

"This is incredible, said Natalie DeHerrera, Isaac's mom, “I can't believe he did all this."

Under the pergola is a little rock area in the shape of Batman's cape and head. That little project also had special meaning

"Isaac was Batman, there was no ifs ands or buts, he was Batman," Natalie DeHerrera said.

"Batman was Isaac's thing, his favorite superhero, talked about batman all the time," Clemons said.

With the new memorial Isaac will now be a part of his school yard for generations to come.

"Having this here permanently is just so special to me it's like a piece of him is here, always," DeHerrera said.



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