San Antonio Zoo announces new name for zoo school

Susan Naylor recognized for her generosity

SAN ANTONIO – The New San Antonio Zoo school was named after the Will Smith Foundation on Thursday.

The school will be able to incorporate learning through playtime, which can make all the difference for preschoolers.

Susan Naylor was recognized for her generosity in giving back to the Will Smith Zoo School.

Stacey McReynolds, vice president of education for the school, said the goal is to make children feel like they’re playing while they are learning.

“If you can imagine if you're counting, would you rather count on a flashcard sitting at a desk in the classroom or would you rather go and count how many monkeys you can find? I’d pick the monkeys,” McReynolds said.

Besides teaching children the basics, the program also makes sure children spend time outdoors.

The zoo school is set to open in January.

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