Women recognized for their organ donor initiatives

Both encourage anyone who can to consider becoming organ donor

SAN ANTONIO – A donor's mother and her daughter's lung recipient are sharing their story and being recognized for their organ donor initiatives.

Norma Espinoza received the lungs of the late Dr. Casey Ross after she became the victim in a murder-suicide last year. Espinoza needed the transplant after suffering from cystic fibrosis her whole life.

In June, she met Ross' mother, Donna Austin. Austin said getting to know Espinoza has been a bright spot in her life.

"When I finally got to meet Norma, I was like, it's worth it just to see her living, to give me a reason to get up every day," Austin said.

"My family enjoys having a second chance with me at home," Espinoza said. "The gift of life is the best thing."

Both women encourage anyone who can to consider becoming an organ donor.