Fresh Christmas trees as popular as ever

Prices range from $29.98 and up, way up

SAN ANTONIO – It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.

"I love the smell of Christmas coming into my house," said Brittany Acevedo who was sniffing the fir trees at the H-E-B at 1604 and Bandera.

'Tis the season for consumers to deck their halls, John DeLeon was picking out the perfect tree, preferably a big one to impress his little ones. And, no faux firs for him.

"Christmas is real," he said. "Santa is real. It's got to be real."

Under the Holiday Hills tent on Interstate 10 at DeZavala Drive, crews were busy Friday restocking with fresh firs trucked in from Oregon.

"There's been so many people come through the door this season that have had artificial trees all their life, and they want a real Christmas tree," said Jerry Mauk, who operates the Holiday Hills site.

How much real green will a real tree cost you?

At Holiday Hills, the budget-friendly  5-foot Douglas fir is $43, while an 8-foot Noble fir is $122. An 11-foot tall Noble was going for $370. Taller than that, and the price goes up exponentially to more than $1,000 for some 16-footers.

Consumers can save some jingle by shopping at the grocery or big box stores.

At the H-E-B, a 6-foot Douglas was $35.  Popular Fraser firs ranged from less than $30 to $100 for a tall 10-foot tree.

Tall or short,  real or not, a child named Lilliana said she knows the perfect tree is "full with Christmas spirit."

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