Postal Service will not transport hoverboards by air

Huge recall of bean bag chairs re-announced

SAN ANTONIO – Add the United States Postal Service to those who will not transport this year's hot gift, the hoverboard, by air.  Instead, deliveries will be made by ground only. This comes as scrutiny into why some of the self-balancing boards have burst into flames.

At least 12 fires have been reported and the Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating.

"I have directed agency staff to work nonstop to find the root cause of the fire hazard, how much of a risk it might present and to provide consumers with answers as soon as possible," said CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye.

CPSC engineers are testing new and damaged boards to find out why some models caught fire while charging and others caught fire while in use.

"Our expert staff is looking particularly closely at the configuration of the battery packs and compatibility with the chargers," Kaye said in a statement.

For those using a hoverboard, the CPSC advised:

  • Avoid buying the product at a location (like a mall kiosk)  or on a website that does not have information about who is selling the product and how they can be contacted if there is a problem.
  • Do not charge overnight.
  • Charge away from combustibles.
  • Do not charge right after riding.
  • Do not take it out of the package to fully charge it and then wrap it back up.
  • Look for the mark of a certified national testing laboratory, to minimize the risk of buying a counterfeit.
  • Wear a helmet and pads.

2.2 million bean bag chairs recalled

In other consumer safety news, the CPSC and Ace Bayou Corp. are re-announcing a recall of 2.2 million bean bag chairs because of a hazard to children.

Children can open the inner zipper and crawl inside. If they get trapped, they may suffocate or choke on the foam beads.

Two children have died and were found inside their bean bags. A third child choked.

The recall was announced previously, but because of a lack of consumer response, the CPSC is "extremely concerned" these bags are still being used by children.

The chairs were sold in various sizes and fabrics from 1995 through 2013 at several retailers, including Big Lots, Walmart and Amazon.com.

Consumers are urged to check the outer zipper to make sure it has a metal staple to disable it. If it does not, they should contact Ace Bayou online or by phone at 855-571-8151 for a free repair kit.

Ceiling fan recall

Nearly 30,000 Casablanca ceiling fans have been recalled after eight reports of the motor and blades separating from the unit while in reverse and falling. The recall involves 43 models sold in 2013 and 2014.

A full list of models can be found online here.

Consumer should contact Casablanca at casablancafanco.com for a free repair.

Blower/vacuum recall

Craftsman is recalling 74,000 blower/vacs after seven reports of them catching fire.

The recall involves models 138.74898 or 138.74899. They were sold at Sears and Ace Hardware and online from January 2013 through October 2015.

Consumers can get a full refund by contacting the company at 888-266-7096 or online at www.craftsman.com.

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