Price of cattle impacting beef prices, ranchers

Ranchers, consumers are feeling the impact of beef prices

SAN ANTONIO – Ranchers are feeling the impact of lower prices cattle.

"We kind of got spoiled last year and the year before when we was getting $1,200 to $1,500 for our calves, ya know, and this year the calves are $750 to $900," said Donnie Richter.

The impact so strong some might have to call it quits.

“There will be a few people, I would say get out of the business on the cattle our market is done dropped so bad,” said rancher Liam Madden. “If you don’t have a war chest to be able to sustain that hit, you’re in trouble.”

At H-E-B consumers are seeing the benefit.

The price of brisket was selling for $3 per pound just a year ago. In December that price had fallen to $1.97 per pound.

The ebb and flow of cattle prices, from the farm to the table.