Wedding dresses can fit your style, budget

On average, brides spend about $1,200

SAN ANTONIO – Many women dream of their wedding dress long before they think about the price tag. On average, brides spend more than $1,200 on a gown. But Consumer Reports says you can get what you want for a lot less than you think.

Consumer Reports recently asked its staffers whether they could tell the difference between dresses that ranged from $500 to $10,000, and tallied the results.

Most staffers were able to pick the least expensive gown, but it was much harder for them to price the others. In fact, 85 percent thought a $1,100 gown with the most embellishment cost $3,200 or more.

Many of the features that set apart expensive gowns may not be that obvious, like hand finishing and encased seams.

A Consumer Reports’ textile expert says even the cheapest dress she examined would last at least for a day and a night of wedding fun.

Still, how can you get a dream dress without spending a fortune? Consumer Reports says buying or renting a used gown is a great option. Brides can rent dresses on websites like Borrowing Magnolia.

To buy a dress for less, Consumer Reports suggests shopping at a local Goodwill or other secondhand shop, and on websites like Tradesy and eBay.

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