Natural Grocers opens in San Antonio

Small grocer features organic, natural products

SAN ANTONIO – Natural Grocers opened its doors Tuesday in  San Antonio giving shoppers focused on organics and healthy choices a new option.

The store, located at 13310 NW Military Highway, looks more like a market than a superstore. And, as the name implies, it's all organic.

The Colorado-based family-owned grocer already has 19 stores in Texas and made the move to San Antonio to meet a growing demand for foods free of antibiotics and  pesticides.

"I think more people are wanting to know what's in their food, what they are eating," said Priscilla Cardenas, store manager.

Shopper Sharon Colangelo said she has actually written the company asking they open a store locally. Now, she says, she won't have to drive to Austin for her natural foods. 

"I just believe in watching my health and only putting good things in my body," she said.

The store offers eggs from free-range hens and other dairy only from pasture-grazing animals and organic produce labeled with its country of origin.

The store is also defined by what it does not offer: no artificial colors, artificial flavors, GMOs, MSG or bleached flour.

"A lot of products you see in our competitors store, we won't carry in our store because of ingredients," Cardenas said.

Plenty of curious shoppers perused the aisles checking out the kale chips, quinoa and uncured bacon.

The store is a concept Stacey Henry and her daughter Devin said they like.

"We don't like all the added hormones they say are in regular food," Henry said.

In a demo kitchen at the front of the store shoppers can sample treats and sit in on classes. Customers can also meet with the on-staff nutritional health coach. One more thing the store does not have: plastic bags.

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