Tax-free weekend saves consumers on school supplies, clothing

Starbucks recalls steel straws

SAN ANTONIO – Retailers are getting ready for a big back-to-school shopping weekend. From Friday through Sunday, shoppers will pay no sales tax on most clothing, shoes, backpacks and school supplies as long as the item is priced less than $100.

People can save $8 for every $100 they spend by not paying sales tax. The list of what qualifies as tax-free is long. It’s not just school wearables, even diapers will be tax-free, so it’s a good time to stock up.

Starbucks is issuing a grande-sized warning and recall concerning 2.5 million stainless steel straws. Children have suffered mouth cuts with the straws. Starbucks is now telling parents the straws are not for children.

Ads for Eukanuba dog food caught the attention of the Federal Trade Commission. The ads claimed that the dog food could increase a dog’s lifespan by 30 percent.

The FTC said there was no scientific evidence to back Eukanuba’s claim. Now Mars Petcare, Eukanuba’s parent company, has agreed to settle FTC charges that it falsely advertised the health benefits.

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