Simple fixes can help people from tripping, prevent injury

Move furniture, pick things up off floor

SAN ANTONIO – As many as one-in-four adults will fall each year; however, there are some simple tricks around the home that can help people from falling.

As a former PE teacher, Howie Weiss knows the importance of staying in shape. At 72, he is balancing the realities of aging with staying in shape, by making changes at home.

“Rather than pick up the laundry basket in two hands and walking down (the stairs) not holding on (to the railing) I take the laundry basket and I walk, holding on, backwards,” he said.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said falls are the leading cause of death and injuries in older adults, many of which are preventable.

Consumer reports offers a few ideas that might help people avoid falling.

  • Arrange furniture so it does not block pathways
  • Put pet food bowls and electrical cords along walls
  • Pick piles of paper off the floor
  • Keep area rugs in place with tacks or carpet tape
  • Add grab bars and anti-slip mats in showers
  • A few simple tricks that could prevent a serious fall.