Tips on how to shoot better photos, video

Light makes video look better on cellphone cameras


SAN ANTONIO – Just about everyone has a camera in their pocket or purse nowadays, but that doesn’t mean people can take great pictures or video. Consumer Reports has some tips for amateur photographers who want better content for their social media accounts.

Whether you want to shoot that special moment or just get some cool clips of summer fun, there’s usually a camera nearby on people’s cellphones. But knowing how to shoot can make or break your video.

“A lot of people use the camera on their smartphone since it’s always handy. For that, you need a lot of light to make your video look good,” said Terry Sullivan, with Consumer Reports.

To keep a phone steady, hold it close to your body and twist at the waist to follow the action. Steer clear of digital zoom, it usually reduces the quality of your video.

“Instead, zoom with your feet. Get right up to what you’re shooting,” Sullivan said.

Action cameras, such as GoPros, can add a better perspective to your home videos. With their small size and mounting accessories, people can put them just about everywhere.

“For most action cams, you have to have a special app on your phone as the viewfinder,” Sullivan said.

With the action camera’s wide-angle lens, it will be able to capture everything going on around you.

If you’re using a digital camera, it smooths out the shakiness, or you can use a tripod. People who don’t own a tripod can make their own by locking their elbows and leaning up against something.

No matter which camera you use, having your subject at eye-level is usually best. 

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