Survey: 52% less inclined to shop Black Friday

Shoppers say crowds, prolonged discounts as reasons why

SAN ANTONIO – Black Friday's impact may be fading, according to a new survey that showed more than half of consumers say they are less inclined to brave the crowds and hit the stores that day.

"I honestly think people go out for the spectacle, not because they honestly want to shop," said Joanna Gaset, a shopper, who said don't expect to see her out there among the frenzy.

The spectacle appears to be losing some audience. According to Accenture's annual holiday shopping survey, more than half of consumers, 52 percent, said they are less inclined to stuff the stores the day after Thanksgiving.

These big stores will close on Thanksgiving Day

The main reason is the crush of people grabbing up door buster deals.

"I am not crazy about Black Friday because of the crowds, the parking," said shopper Vanessa Huddleston. "People are rude. It's so terrible. It brings out the worst in people."

The crowds are only part of the waning appeal.  Shoppers surveyed also said they can get equally good discounts on other days, especially since retailers have spread out the deals.

In recent years, Black Friday has morphed into more of a gray November with retailers spreading out the promotions.  Several major retailers will open their doors  Thanksgiving evening.

But, half of shoppers surveyed said they are less inclined to leave their feast and family to shop Thanksgiving day.

"I think employees should get a day off on Thanksgiving," said shopper Glynis Miller. "We don't do any shopping Thanksgiving Day."

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