Preparing for the cold: Winterizing your vehicle before temperatures plunge further

Colder temperatures expected in forecast

SAN ANTONIO – If you haven’t already done it, now may be the time to get your vehicle ready for winter driving.

Even though South Texas winters are pretty mild, plunging temperatures are expected in the forecast.

Every year, 200,000 car crashes happened because of wintery conditions. San Antonio may not get icy roads, but that doesn’t mean your car doesn’t need some winterizing.

“First, check the battery. Cold weather affects battery performance, so make sure the contacts are tight and free of corrosion. You should check your battery every four years to see if it needs to be replaced,” said Nick Kurczewski, Consumer Reports’ auto expert.

While your hood is popped, you may want to top off your washer fluid. Winter formula is available so the tank and nozzle don’t freeze.

Next, you should check the air pressure on your tires. Cold weather can decrease air pressure, which can affect your car’s handling of traction. Check the tire treads by using a quarter. If you can see the top of George Washington’s head when you put it in the groove, it may be time to consider buying new tires.

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