Amazon's Treasure Truck offers impromptu deals

Shoppers get text, buy in app, pick up at truck

SAN ANTONIO – Amazon is on a roll.

The e-commerce giant's Treasure Trucks rolled through San Antonio again Friday, offering customers who had signed up for the program an impromptu deal of the day.

"Four fillets for 23 bucks? Sold," customer Sammy Balogun said.

Balogun was eagerly waiting for his delivery of fresh Mahi Mahi when the truck rolled up to its 11 a.m. pit stop on the Northwest Side. The truck is a curiosity, looking like a traveling circus, complete with a bubble machine and festive music.

The trucks are cruising through dozens of cities nationwide, adding San Antonio to the list late last year. One truck makes about three visits a month in the Alamo City. Each time, the truck is stocked with only one popular item of the day, ranging from toys to electronics to food. Buyers show up with their phones and get the goods.

"This is so cool," customer Julie Bland said. "This is absolutely so fun to get a text message and be like, 'Hmm, yes, I'm going to get Mahi tonight.'"

This is how it works:

You can sign up for the Treasure Truck program on Amazon.com. When they have a Treasure Truck deal in your area, you receive a text notification of what it is. If you want it, you go to the app and purchase it. Then, you find out when and where to pick it up. There are typically about four stops a day, ranging from morning until night and at locations throughout the city.

It's experiential shopping. People make an impromptu purchase, and when they pick up, they can try for prizes with a little fun and games.

It's quirky, and Balogun is a fan. He's already bought filet mignon and smart bulbs at previous Treasure Truck stops. He calls the concept "brilliant."

"It's a very unique way to interact with customers and get great deals," he said.

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