Strategies mean savings for back-to-school shopping

Families will spend on average $685 on clothing, supplies for back-to-school

SAN ANTONIO – Buh-bye beaches, hello backpacks.

With school bells ringing soon, families are tackling back-to-school shopping, and it's a haul that can add up.
According to the National Retail Federation, families with children in kindergarten through 12th grade will spend an average of nearly $685 on back-to-school shopping.
Anjelica Rodriguez is shopping for three kids.
"For all three, it's close to about $800 all together -- uniforms, shoes, school supplies, lunch bags," she said.

Doing a little homework and using a few shopping strategies can add up to savings.

Consumer Reports' savings experts suggests the following tips:

  • Go shopping with a plan. Make a clear list and set a clear budget.
  • Put technology to work. Use a price comparison app to be sure you're getting the best price.
  • Buy in bulk. Buying multi-packs of certain items and splitting them among friends can save money.
  • Consider buying refurbished electronics. Look for a certified used model from a reputable seller.
  • Take advantage of this weekend's tax-free holiday.

Other smart moves suggested by Nerdwallet.com:

  • Splurge strategically on items that last for years, such as backpacks. Bargain shop on fads and classroom supplies.
  • Price match. Many retailers have a price-matching policy.
  • Wait to buy some items. By postponing some purchases, you can spread the costs and possibly hit better prices. 

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