Motorists pay highest summer gas prices in four years

Relief at the pump expected after Labor Day

SAN ANTONIO – As Steve Wardlow fills up his motor home’s tank for an end-of-summer road trip, he winces just a bit.

The numbers were rolling past the $100 mark and he’s only at about half a tank.

"It gets somewhere less than 10 miles to the gallon," Wardlow said. "You think twice when you hit the road."

Now, after the most expensive summer for gas prices in four years, relief appears to be down the road.

Prices typically drop as the calendar hits the fall season and summer demand eases with retailers switching to cooler weather fuel blends.

Analysts said motorists could see price drops as much 25 cents while cruising through autumn.

That’s welcome news to Rose Koss.

"Since I drive a pickup and I have a large tank, I can appreciate when gas prices are low," Koss said.

Low is a relative term, however. In recent years, fall prices have dipped to around the $2 mark locally.

Labor Day drivers were paying an average $2.51 a gallon. A spot check of prices around town revealed a significant difference, ranging from $2.39 on Austin Highway to $2.79 on Loop 410 at Starcrest.

Anticipated price drops are not guaranteed, as political events and weather can also cause disruptions.

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