Consider options carefully before signing up for health insurance

Be prepared to pay more for health coverage in 2019

SAN ANTONIO – It's time for an annual checkup with your health insurance coverage, which means you'll be wading through the lingo of copayments, premiums and deductibles.

But before you sign up, there are some things to keep in mind, including avoiding the biggest mistake people make.

"Assuming that what I have today is going to be the best thing for me in the future," said Dave Milich, CEO of United Healthcare of Texas.

Milich said it pays to read your options.

"What I tell people is you really need to put pen to paper," he said.

Depending on your medical needs, the lowest insurance premium may not be your best bet.

Milich said you will probably pay more for insurance coverage in 2019.

A good idea to prevent any surprises is to make sure your doctors, hospitals or pharmacies will still be in your network and whether your medications will continue to be covered.

"Not only covered, but covered in the same copay level it was in the previous year because changes do get made," Milich said.

Besides copays and deductibles, look at what other benefits are offered, like telemedicine, which allows you to visit your doctor through a computer or tablet screen. 

"It allows the patient the consumer an opportunity to have a treatment setting that is more cost effective," Milich said.

When shopping for insurance, Milich said to look for less obvious features, like wellness programs, which may help save you money and your health in the long run. 

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