Scammers changing it up: CPS Energy warning customers against new scamming tactics

SAN ANTONIO – CPS Energy is warning customers to be aware of possible scammers the company says are getting smarter.

Nora Castro, CPS Energy spokeswoman, said scammers are now able to clone numbers and call people so that it looks like the call is coming from the CPS Energy customer service line.

Fast Facts:

  • CPS Energy will not call you demanding money.

  • CPS Energy will not threaten to cut your power off.

  • CPS Energy will not provide another number to pay your bill.

Tips on what you should do if a scammer calls you:

  • Use your instincts and do not provide any information.

  • Hang up and call CPS Energy directly.

  • Call the police if you feel threatened.

“Scammers do not discriminate,” Castro said. “They are out to get your money and they are going to do anything to try to get your money.”

“You know, we see these scams throughout the year, but it really becomes a bigger issue throughout the holidays,” she said. “So we want our customers to be safe and be aware of who they are talking to.”

What a local business owner is saying: 

“It makes me upset because we have a lot of elderly people here in our business and we hear scams all the time, but I could see them pulling their checkbook out and paying them right over the phone,” said Terri Chance, a State Farm office representative who was targeted by a scammer claiming to be with CPS Energy. “They only want your bank information, and that is just awful.”

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