Gas prices tumble in time for Thanksgiving road trips

Prices dip to as low as $1.99 a gallon

SAN ANTONIO – Drivers feeding their tanks ahead of the turkey feasts have a new reason to give thanks – tumbling gas prices. 

Motorists filling up Friday at the Leon Valley Quick Trip found unleaded fuel for $2 a gallon. The Sam’s Club and Costco off I-10 West posted gas for $1.99 per gallon for members.

The average locally is $2.24, 6 cents less than one week ago. Prices have plummeted 32 cents in the past month, translating to a savings of $5 for the average fill-up.

Yvonne Gomez said it makes a difference to her, especially this time of year when holiday shopping looms.

"You’ve got to save every penny,” she said.

What’s fueling the drop is global oil supplies outpacing demand. The price of oil has tanked compared to six weeks ago.

The relief at the pump comes as Texans are expected to travel in big numbers.

“The vast majority will be hitting the roads — 3.8 million people will be driving,” said Joshua Zuber, AAA Texas spokesman. 

Drivers have reason to keep counting their blessings, as experts predict gas prices will continue to fall into December.

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