Expecting guests? Consumer Reports tests single, double-height air mattresses

SAN ANTONIO – If you're expecting overnight holiday guests, an air mattress can be a comfortable and affordable solution.  

Consumer Reports tested several from names like Aerobed, Coleman, Instabed and King Koil.

Double-height mattresses tend to cost more, but they are easier to get out of, especially for older guests.

As part of its testing,  Consumer Reports placed a weighted disc on the air mattress and measured to see how much the mattress sinks. The more it sinks, the less support you have.

Their tests showed the $120 King Koil sank nearly 6 inches.

In the end, Consumer Reports recommended the Simmons BeautyRest double-height air mattress for $68.  If a single-height will do, they suggest the $27 Coleman.

Consumer Reports also advises you buy an air mattress that comes with a pump.

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