Cheapest day to fill up your gas tank in SA is Monday

Gas prices rose 23 cents in past month

SAN ANTONIO – If you’re looking to curb the gasoline costs, try filling up your tank on Monday. crunched numbers and says for San Antonio, the cheapest day of the week to fill up is the first day of the work week. The most expensive day is Saturday.

When you look at Texas as whole, the website said the cheapest fill*ups are on Tuesday and the priciest are on Sunday.

Drivers are looking for ways to trim fuel costs as prices continue to rise.

Locally, the price of a gallon jumped another nickel in the past week and is up 23 cents in the past month. The average is $2.38 with some stations topping $2.50.

Although prices are rising, San Antonians are seeing some of the lowest in the region.

Anthony Davis just made a road trip to Louisiana and back.

“Gas in between here and there was as high as $2.60,” he said.

Supply issues are driving the spring surge. AAA said more people are driving and refineries are down for maintenance.

“I always look for the cheapest gas,” Davis said.  

He uses the GasBuddy app to find the lowest prices near him. Other drivers said they use store gas discount programs.

Car maintenance can pay off. Keeping filters clean and tires properly inflated can maximize fuel economy.

“I try not to have a lead foot,” said Sebastian Mancha.

Smart move. Jackrabbit starts and speeding can guzzle the gas.

Drivers can expect prices at the pump to continue to climb over the next few weeks, according to industry analysts.

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