Veggie ice cream put to taste test

SAN ANTONIO – Not only can you find ice cream in a gazillion flavors, you can now buy it infused with flowers, whiskey and even cauliflower. Cauliflower?

Veggie ice cream may be the new trend with more companies unveiling funky flavors. Peekaboo is one of them.

The Florida-based company offers five flavors of organic ice cream with a serving of a hidden vegetable in each near-pint container.

A panel of pint-sized judges agreed to a taste test.

"I don't like spinach, ewww!" was the common thread around the table before the first pint was even popped.

So, the taste testers tried a scoop of not-so-plain ol' vanilla containing zucchini.

"It tastes like vanilla ice cream," 8-year-old Grace said. 

However, 11-year-old Allie thought it tasted "weird."

The creator behind the sweet treat came up with the icy concoctions as a way to make ice cream a little more nutritious, giving it a boost of extra vitamins, minerals and fiber. 

The container of strawberry ice cream contains the equivalent of 14 baby carrots, and the chocolate contains the equivalent of 10 florets of cauliflower.

The chocolate was the panel's clear favorite, getting an enthusiastic thumbs up. 

The mint chocolate chunk flavor with spinach inside also was pronounced "yummy," while the cotton candy flavor with beets inside got mixed reviews. 

The ice cream is sold in various grocery stores, including many H-E-Bs, for about $5.48 per container. 

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