Adidas, Arizona Ice Tea event for 99-cent shoes shut down

Pop-up event closed down by police due to safety issues

Photo: @drinkarizona/Instagram
Photo: @drinkarizona/Instagram

New York, NY – A collaboration between Adidas and Arizona Iced Tea to sell sneakers Thursday in New York City ended abruptly after police shut it down. 

The new, colorful sneakers were going to be sold for only 99 cents. 

This morning, hundreds lined up for the their chance to grab a pair. 

According to a press release sent by the companies, officials said they are grateful for those who came out and apologize for any inconvenience, but in an effort to prioritize the safety of fans and consumers, all parties made the decision to close the event. 

The collaboration sneakers will still be available to the public at a later date. 


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