Health benefits of water workouts

Pools can help with total body workouts, Consumer Reports say

SAN ANTONIO – An ironman competition is no joke.

For 72-year-old Joanna Dondero, who will be competing at the world championship in September, training is key.

Dondero will have to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles and run more than 13 miles. Her training begins in the water.

"I can have a workout with different intensities, which can be for either strength or endurance, flexibility and/or relaxation," Dondero said.

Consumer Reports health editor Trisha Calvo said anyone can get a great total body workout in just a pool.

There are other ways of utilizing a pool, such as a class that uses treadmills in the water.

The benefits can mean improvements in blood pressure and brain health, burn calories and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

"Water is denser than air, so it provides more resistance. That means, you're challenging your muscles in a different way," Calvo said.

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