Ground beef warning, wash your hands and cash-back shopping!

It’s Fri-yay, y’all! And a chilly one at that.

At least it feels more like Thanksgiving than the Fourth of July.

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The Thanksgiving holiday falls at the end of the month this year, meaning fewer shopping days.

Retailers seek to stretch shortened holiday shopping season

I can’t really get into the tinsel and jingle until after the leftovers are gone, but a lot of people like to shop early. tried something new this year with a Cash Back event with a bunch of retailers giving up to 20% cash back. I expect it will roll around again next year, but in the meantime, there are plenty of apps and browser extensions that put a little cash back into your pocket all year round.

Cash Back Day jump starts the holiday shopping season

Food safety was front a center this week. The CDC warned folks to be sure to cook ground beef thoroughly as it investigates an E. coli outbreak linked to ground beef.

CDC warning: cook ground beef thoroughly as salmonella outbreak investigation continues

Soap and water or antibacterial pump? Which is better? Antibacterials are convenient and helpful, but when it comes to many germs, studies show a good hand washing is better. Good to know as we head into flu season.

Hand-washing beats sanitizers for flu prevention

Stay warm today, and enjoy your weekend!


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