New Apple iOS offers dummy email addresses, tracking controls, memojis

iOS 13 also offers new camera features

SAN ANTONIO – Just when you've figured out how to use emojis, Apple's latest operating system offers even more animated ways to communicate, as well as new camera and privacy features.

The iOS 13 offers customizable memojis, which are animated emojis that you can personalize to look like you with braces, piercings, hairstyles and more.

New camera features give you more control over both the position and intensity of the lighting to produce pictures of excellent quality based on lab testing by Consumer Reports.

But's not all fun and photos. 

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Apple added new privacy and security features that are designed to give you more control over the information you share. 

For example, a new sign-on service lets you sign in to different apps through Apple instead of creating new logins and passwords.

The new system also offers randomly generated dummy email addresses.

"Now what this will let you do is sign up for mailing lists or provide an email address to a website that isn't necessarily your email. But it will forward to your email. So, if you ever get sick of hearing from that app or website, you can just delete it or move on," said Consumer Reports tech editor Bree  Fowler.

If you don't like the idea of apps tracking your every move, the new iOS also offers location tracking limits.

"This will grant an app one-time access to your location," Fowler said. "If that app wants to know where you are again, it's going to have to ask you again."

New fancy features aside, there have been complaints about the new operating system such as dropped calls and a shorter battery life. 

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