TOASTER TEST: How did gluten-free toaster do among the rest?

Consumer Reports tests variety of toasters

By Marilyn Moritz - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Consumer Reports tested a wide variety of toasters, including one with a setting for gluten-free bread.

Testers set each toaster to a medium setting and looked at how well each toaster made a single slice and then a full batch. They also looked at how easy the toasters are to use and clean.

Testers even looked at a toaster with a gluten-free bread setting. Gluten-free bread is a bit denser than regular bread, and consumers might not get the same results with the same setting.

The $30 Bella Pro Series Model 90062 toaster delivered with gluten-free and regular bread.

If you’re toasting for a crowd, they gave top ratings to the $100 Breville Bit More Model BTA730XL. It has wide slots for bagels, and if the toast turns out too light, press the "bit more" button and it will toast a little longer.

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