Which cash back app is right for you?

3 apps reviewed

By Marilyn Moritz - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Plenty of apps on the market are making it easier than ever to get cash back on groceries, clothing, restaurants and travel.

If you’re not using a cash back app, you may be missing out on real money.

Ebates was one of the original cash back websites in 1999. Now, it’s an app.

“I know it’s a solid company. I always get my checks,” said Laura Thornquist, ModMomTV blogger.

Thornquist has used Ebates for years. All consumers have to do is sign up and then shop online through the Ebates site. The company gives a percentage of what a customer spends back to them.

“Once I make that purchase, Ebates gets credited for that purchase, and they in turn give me money back,” Thornquist said.

Ebates sends consumers their money every quarter. And it also lets people shop at brick-and-mortar establishments.

A new app called Dosh works the same way as Ebates. When you open the Dosh app, you can see all kinds of cash back offers near you.

“What I love about this app is it allows for travel. If you want to go stay in a hotel, there’s some really nice options,” Thornquist said.

Consumers get $25 the first time they book a hotel room offered on Dosh. The company pays out when customers accrue $15 or more.

Ibotta is an older app, but many people use it for groceries. There is more effort required to use it, including snapping pictures of codes and receipts.

“I found, over time, the last thing I wanted to do was take a picture of the receipt, take a picture of the item. It just got to be too much for me,” Thornquist said.

Now, customers can shop through the Ibotta app as they do on Ebates.

A little cash back here and there adds up, and the use of the apps is free. These are only three of a myriad of cash back apps available.

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