Dog Massages

Being a dog can be ruff, luckily there is a way to relieve their stress

SAN ANTONIO – Life as a dog is not all about naps, belly rubs, and begging for food. Some dogs experience real stress and older dogs especially can experience injuries. 

Luckily, there are tools available for all dog owners that can be purchased for $15 or less and are used to massage and groom stressed out pups. 

This line of massage tools were created by the company PetWell because they understand just how much people care about the well being of their furry friends. What better way to let your pet know that you love them than giving them a little extra touch of love?

These tools are currently available at https://www.gaiam.com/pages/petwell and on amazon. Soon, they will be available at a pet store near you! 

Watch to see how the tools work and just how much dogs enjoy them!