Southwest Legacy High School Students Excel in Engineering

These students at Southwest Legacy High School are future engineers and leaders

SAN ANTONIO – Students of Southwest Legacy High School have accumulated many valuable skills that are helping them reach for the stars through the school's engineering program. 

The students participate in the program on their own time despite their busy schedules with school and other activities. They voluntarily work on their projects after school and even on weekends. The dedication of these students is undeniable and is helping them aspire for great futures ahead.

" I want to go into Aerospace Engineering and hopefully work at a small R&B firm." says student Manny who is one of the designers of the program's battery powered cars. 

Another student, Autumn Rodriguez, helps organize the competitions that the program participates in. Her goal is to encourage younger girls to become a part of engineering. 

All of these students have admirable and inspiring stories that make this program great, but the main contribution to the program is the passionate leader, Bob Franz.

Franz has retired, but still takes the time to help the students excel in the engineering program and prepare them for competitions and projects. 

Watch to find out more about the engineering program, their current projects, and just why these students are so inspirational.