Get to know KSAT's sports team behind the scenes

Fun facts about Greg Simmons, Larry Ramirez, RJ Marquez and Adrian Garcia

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KSAT12's Sports Anchor/Director

Greg was born and raised in San Antonio and started out in the radio industry covering news and sports, which led him to getting a job offer to become KSAT12's Sports Director in 1980.

"I'm fortunate because I grew up in this city and in our business, you don't get that opportunity very often... which is a huge advantage for me," Simmons said. "There isn't a day that goes by that I don't run into someone from Jefferson High School."


Fun facts about Greg:

  • Hobbies include horseback riding and flying
  • Last movie Greg saw in the movie theater: Batman from 1989
  • Loves the film Hell or High Water
  • Binge watches House of Cards and Ozarks
  • Favorite sports memories: Covering Cowboys '93 NFC Championship game, Spurs Championships
  • Favorite Spurs' players: George Gervin, Sean Elliott, David Robinson and Tony Parker

Instant Replay 

"In 1993 I came up with the idea to have a Sunday night sports show," Simmons said. "Now we've done more sports on a Sunday night that I can even remember, because now you have an hour to fill, which is 40 minutes of content. A lot of parents can't see their kids perform at the games and now they can watch them on all the things we post. We get a lot of views that way."

Larry Ramirez 

KSAT's Sports Anchor

Larry, born and raised in southern California, started working for the KSAT 12 sports team in 2004 and loves every aspect of covering local stories with local student athletes in high school and college.

"What makes me happy at KSAT is dealing with the local student athletes and their families, because they are all so awesome and nice," said Ramirez.



Fun facts about Larry:

  • Wanted to be a truck driver and pilot growing up
  • Loves to cook in his free time
  • Binge watches Godless, Stranger Things and Breaking Bad
  • Bucket list: Visit Germany for Oktoberfest; see a game at Wrigley Field and Fenway Park 
  • Loves horror movies from the '70s
  • Favorite Spur of all time: Robert Horry

Social media and Instant Replay 

"Social media has just added another dynamic for us to reach our viewers," Ramirez said. "It's just as important as anything on-air. With the new hour-long show, it helps us to cover more high school volleyball, baseball and softball. It will also give us a chance to air more Cowboys and Texans post-game coverage."

RJ Marquez

KSAT Digital Content Journalist

RJ started working for KSAT 12 in the web department in 2010, and has since revolutionized the way KSAT has utilized Facebook Live and Twitter covering sports games along with KSAT's David Sears and KSAT's digital journalist, Adrian Garcia. You can even see RJ on KSAT's 9 p.m. newscast for the digital trends features.

"I don't ever see myself leaving KSAT. Bernice (Kearney, KSAT's News Director) gives us the ability to try different things and be versatile on every platform that we have and be creative, which makes this job amazing."


Fun facts about RJ:

  • Favorite sports events covered: Final Four, Spurs Championship in 2014
  • Favorite movies: The Wolf of Wall Street, Steve Carell comedies, Quentin Tarantino films
  • Currently binge watching Narcos, Better Call Saul
  • Loves listening to '90s music
  • Favorite Spur of all time: Manu Ginobili 

Social media and Facebook Live

"We started doing Facebook Live with David Sears from the arena and we really were the first ones to do that kind of coverage. It was such a brand new thing. No one knew what Facebook Live was at the time. We wanted to do it like a radio show and have people comment and leave their thoughts on the game. It was a new way to engage with people and have them vent to us about the Spurs, that was huge. Then Adrian and I would go the game and start tweeting post-game reactions since you can't tweet out highlights."

Adrian Garcia

KSAT Digital Multimedia Report

Adrian joined KSAT in 2014 and has worked aside RJ taking Facebook Live to the next level in news coverage. Born and raised in San Antonio, Adrian loves reporting about his community and for his community.

"RJ and I both came up with the idea of doing a Facebook Live before every Spurs game and before high school football games," said Garcia. "This gave viewers an opportunity to ask questions that they had before going into games. I would go to the visiting locker room and RJ would go to the home locker room to give viewers two perspectives."



Fun facts about Adrian:

  • Loves to play with his chocolate Labrador
  • Hobbies: hunting, fishing, staying active and playing on KSAT's softball team
  • Favorite food: Seafood
  • Favorite music: Hip/hop, rap
  • Binge watching Narcos, Stranger Things and loves Marvel movies
  • Favorite Spur of all time: Manu Ginobili

KSAT coverage on high school sports

"The cool thing about KSAT is that we are heavy on high school football," said Garcia. "You can get all your local coverage for high school sports with KSAT."

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