KSAT12 Introduces new and free membership program, KSAT Insider

'Insiders' get special offers, invites and stories from our newsroom


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What's KSAT Insiders? 

KSAT Insiders a "membership program," but we're not charging for it. Anyone can be an "Insider," no cost. Members get a unique take on San Antonio. Reporters, photographs anchors will share the stories behind the stories, taking you into their world for a different look at San Antonio and the surrounding communities. You'll even have the opportunity to participate in our journalism through callouts for story ideas and personal experiences.

"Our new KSAT Insiders program is a great way to connect with our viewers and further strengthen our relationship. It provides us a chance to listen and learn about our viewer's interests and it allows us the opportunity to understand the things they would like changed or improved. The KSAT Fiesta party is the first of many more rewards to come in the future including tickets to great events, special discounts and more big surprises to those who become a member of our exclusive club, the KSAT Insiders!  In the end, this should make us a better community partner for the future."
- Phil Lane, vice president and general manager of KSAT12


We all love San Antonio. KSAT Insiders is all about working together to share stories and make our communities better. Sign up here!

(Do you have a story idea? Email contactus@ksat.com or call our tip line: (210) 351-1269)

Why join KSAT Insiders? 

Insiders get access to special offers, including invites to exclusive events.  Coming soon we will have an Insider team for Carry Forward and a special offer for the 13th floor.

Contribute to the newsroom. 

We're building the program as we go, and we're turning to you for what you'd like to see and know about KSAT and San Antonio. Maybe you've seen SAQs? We're all about finding answers to your questions. You make us better. Actually, you make us what are today. 

What's included with KSAT Insiders? 

  • Special offers from area businesses
  • Invites to exclusive San Antonio area events
  • Personal stories and behind-the-scenes reporting from the KSAT newsroom
  • Curated stories tailored to your interests
  • Callouts to participate in select KSAT stories

Is there any cost to join? 

No. There's no cost to join KSAT Insiders, and Insiders will receive exclusive content outside of the daily news. This is not a subscription program. It's really a chance for us to give back to our audience, and show our work, so to say, covering the city and region. 

I have more questions about KSAT Insiders. Who can contact? 

Reach out to the newsroom at: contactus@ksat.com


Ready to join KSAT Insiders? Sign up here!