Whatever the Weather podcast with Kaiti Blake & Sarah Spivey

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Whatever the weather, meteorologists Kaiti Blake and Sarah Spivey have it covered on the local news -- for about three minutes in between commercial breaks.

Rarely do they have enough time to explain weather phenomena in depth.

"Kaiti and I love explaining the weather to viewers, but sometimes, we just don't have enough time in the newscast," Spivey said. "A podcast is a great way to connect with our viewers and help explain wacky weather! Sometimes, if the weather makes national news, like a tornado outbreak, we'll spend an episode recapping the event in more detail."

Whatever the Weather episodes

On Whatever the Weather, these "weather gals" dig deeper and tell you all you want to know about Mother Nature – from tornadoes to freezing rain to climate change.

"We also talk a little about our lives on TV each week, whether it be something weird that happened to us, or a funny comment we got," said Kaiti Blake. "We also share some of the struggles of being a woman on TV, and we hope that helps our listeners learn a little more about us, too." 

"In each episode, we'll talk about a specific weather phenomenon like hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, hail, snow, etc," Spivey said. "First, we talk about the science behind the phenomenon. Then, we'll chat about interesting historical events around the weather phenomenon. Finally, we talk about what our week was like on television."

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"In order to make the podcast more visual, Kaiti and I run an Instagram page @whatevertheweatherpod where we post pictures related to what we talk about," Spivey said. "We've also started to film our conversations. Episodes air Wednesdays, and typically last 25-45 minutes."

"You can listen to the podcast on several platforms, but you can now watch episodes, too," Blake said. "We're now visually recording each episode, and the videos can be found on ksat.com."