This home streaming studio will upgrade remote work, Zoom school and more

Perfect for anyone working from home, learning from home, and streaming from home.
Perfect for anyone working from home, learning from home, and streaming from home. (Aduro)

The world went digital this year. From YouTube channels exploding in popularity to TikTok dances and video conferencing, there has been no shortage of videos available for consumption. It’s helped keep most of us connected at work and entertained while at home during the pandemic while others have learned how to create content that will help turn a profit.

And if you watched more random tutorials than you would like to admit, you can tell a quality video from a less than appealing setup. Recreate those flawless vlogs and upgrade your Zoom appearance with Aduro’s U-STREAM Home Streaming Studio.

Finding the best lighting won’t make you want to pull your hair out anymore as the 10″ ring light offers three distinct illumination options. The white, warm yellow, and warm white options ensure you will always have the perfect ambiance no matter what room you are in. In addition, the brightness feature on the remote offers 10 different levels so you can choose what’s best for the current activity you’re lighting.

The adjustable tripod stand is perfect for your desktop or floor use so you can find your perfect angle, while the phone holder has a non-slip rubber grip to ensure your phone won’t go crashing to the floor.

Aduro’s U-STREAM Home Streaming Studio is USB-powered, so you can plug it into any standard port on your laptop or battery and take your perfect setup wherever you need to go.

Be the most professional-looking attendee at your next Google Meet with the U-STREAM Home Streaming Studio for $49.99 (Reg. $99), a savings of 50%.

Prices subject to change.