Give your kitchen the upgrade it deserves with this multitasking grill pan

This uber-versatile pan is durable yet functional, so you'll never have to compromise strength for usability. (Ausker)

Hopefully this new year has you chef-ing it up more than ever before and trying new recipes to add to your repertoire! However, with lots of time at home within the past few months, you may have noticed that the pans in your kitchen have just not been cutting it. You probably don’t even remember the last time you upgraded them. It’s 2021: time to stop settling for mediocre cookware and treat yourself to the best of the best, especially when the price is this good.

Allow us to introduce you to The Ausker Grill Pan, the innovative multitasker that promises to do it all. This uber-versatile pan is durable, yet functional, so you’ll never have to compromise strength for usability. It’s also over 10% off right now.

Ausker pans are especially loved by over 15,000 happy clients for their thoughtful construction. This pan is made of special aluminum alloy, which allows each product’s body to spread the heat quickly and consistently. With PEEK Non-Stick Technology, this cooking surface will be able to take on anything that comes its way.

The result is a finish that’s over 10 times more scratch-resistant than typical 3-layer coating. With radical heat conduction, you can trust that this pan is en environmentally friendly and cost-effective investment.

Perhaps some of the most unique features of this pan are the detachable handle and draining channels. With the detachable Bakelite handle, you can save space in your pantry, clean your pan faster, and even serve from the pan itself. The draining channels make it easy to get rid of unwanted fat as you cook your favorite meats.

The versatile Ausker Grill Pan normally costs $89, but for a limited time, you can get one for only $79.99, which is 11% off.

Price subject to change.