Master day trading and investing analysis with this bundle for under $50

With day trading trending, learn the ins-and-outs with these 10 courses. (Alesia Kozik/Pexels)

Whether you’re a long-term follower of the WallstreetBets subreddit or you’re just getting started buying and selling stocks, The Premium Novice-to-Expert Day Trading & Technical Analysis Bundle can help you become a smart day trader. With helpful strategies, hacks, and effective ways to predict future market moves, you’ll soon learn tools that work for you and keep you successful. This bundle is on sale for 97% off its usual price of $2000, for just $49.99 today.

With ten courses and 236 lessons taught by Wealthy Education, this trading mastery bundle will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to grow your investment portfolio, boost your trading profits, and more.

You’ll learn secret trading tactics, how to read and analyze a candlestick chart, and perform multiple time frame analysis so you can power your trading strategies for more significant gains. Further, you’ll grasp how to identify market trends, perform volatility, momentum, and volume analysis, and figure out potential breakouts, fakeouts, and trend reversals, allowing you to make the smartest decisions day to day.

There are also three courses that teach you all about Candlestick Trading that will help you master your technical analysis skills in a short period. It touches on trading psychology, as well as risk and money management so you can reduce risks on your trades while maximizing your profits.

Students who’ve enrolled in this training program are happy with what they’ve learned and how it has helped them out in the real world. One customer says, “This is an insightful technical analysis trading course. Video lessons are made very easy to follow and comprehensive. Thanks to the course, I now have a good understanding of how to use technical analysis to day trade stocks and Forex.”

Educate yourself further so you can make a hefty income from trading with this jam-packed educational bundle. It’s on sale for 97% off for a limited time, costing you only $49.99.

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