Teach yourself the piano with this interactive lesson app, now 50% off

Discover the beauty of the piano with these 400 lessons. (Skoove)

It’s time you’ve finally learned how to play the piano. If there are no open classes or safe ways to get lessons anywhere near you, check out this Skoove Premium Piano Lessons: Lifetime Subscription deal. For $149, you can take virtual piano lessons at home by using any keyboard or piano. Read on to find out more about this enchanting deal.

With Scoove, you can teach yourself how to play your favorite songs, practice chords, or compose your own melodies. You don’t even have to have an instrument; you can start learning with the virtual on-screen keyboard on your device. There are a few ways to use the app: using the artificial intelligence feature, listening as you play, and taking any of the 400 lessons or thousands of instructional videos.

With the AI method, the app recognizes the notes you play and helps you improve. The “listen as you play” method learns your weaknesses and plans the best exercises for you. The lessons and videos tailor your learning so you can get feedback as you practice.

Top hits, classical music, you name it. You’ll be sure to find music that you enjoy listening to play as well. Scoove has received the Editor’s Choice title on the App Store, with an average 4.5 out of 5-star rating. One user says, “This app has it all. The systematic way the lessons are presented makes it simple, easy, and fun to learn. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this app.”

If you’re on the fence or have anxiety about learning a new skill, think of the benefits it has. Playing the piano (or keyboard) helps enhance your motor skills, improves posture, and sharpens the mind. Plus, you will get to show off your new piano-playing abilities to family or friends or start up your own YouTube channel!

Teach yourself something valuable and fun while you’re home all the time with this lifetime subscription to Scoove. Once $299, it’s now on sale for 50% off at $149.

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