Safeguard your home with this smart home security system that doesn’t break the bank

Add a layer of protection with this smart home security system.
Add a layer of protection with this smart home security system. (Veho)

There’s no such thing as being “too safe,” especially when it comes to protecting your home. If you want to prevent break-ins, robberies, and other crimes, you need a quality home security system for extra safety.

The Cave Smart Home Starter Kit will help you keep your home and family safe by controlling your home security system with the touch of a button, and you can save $80 on this $400 system when you use coupon code TAKE20 at checkout. The kit includes a SmartHub, wireless motion sensor, wireless contact sensor, remote control, and other essential accessories to help you stay protected.

You’ll want to download the free Cave app so you can remotely set or disarm your Cave system no matter your location — it’s quick and straightforward to set up, too. You can also set alarms or add an IP camera to your system. The starter kit can support up to 99 accessories for additional coverage, each of which is added by using a secure QR code system. Another great aspect is wireless, so it works over Wi-Fi and backs up to a SIM card if your wireless network goes offline.

Another great feature of the Cave security system includes its timed tasks function. You can add a scheduled or daily task if you want to arm your home at a specific time. What’s more, the anti-interference function causes the alarm to trigger should the system detect any interference signals.

Customers who have installed Cave into their home are pleased with the security it’s given them. One person says, “Very easy to install. The app has a user-friendly interface. The alarm system works well. I like that I can easily add components when I want more...Very happy with this alarm system.”

Give the Cave Smart Home Starter Kit a go if you want to upgrade your home’s security. Normally priced at $400, you can get this system for $320 by using offer code TAKE20, allowing you to save big and sleep better knowing your home is safeguarded.

Prices subject to change.