Learn to read faster and retain more with this mastery course bundle for $21

Get through your reading list by learning to read more efficiently.
Get through your reading list by learning to read more efficiently. (Melanie Deziel/Unsplash)

Learning to speed read could be a life-changing skill. After all, the most successful people on Earth attribute their achievements and mindset to frequent reading. It stands to reason that reading often is the easiest way to discover new knowledge, so mastering speed reading means you can absorb information even faster.

Dive into The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle, currently 98% off for just $21, and take advantage of more than 225 lessons on a craft that could help you read hundreds of books in the course of a single year. Not to mention, you can learn how to comprehend and retain all of that information, even if you feel as if you have just an “average” or “below average” memory.

There are six courses from instructors such as Jonathan Levi, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and angel investor; Brandon Hakim, whose courses have been taken by more than 140,000 people; and Matthew Wong, an innovator who ran an elite medical clinic for eight years.

In the coursework, you’ll find neuroscience-based memory techniques, learn the secrets of masterminds such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates, read about tricks to exponentially improve your capabilities, and learn how technology can impact your reading speed. But most importantly, you’ll also identify why you currently have trouble reading often and find the hidden benefits of reading that bring you back to the pages every single day.

This $21 Speed Reading Mastery Bundle is normally a $1,200 value and is a practical way to capture a rare but incredibly useful skill. No matter how you feel about your reading level and the capability of your memory, this course set can work for you.

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