Pick up graphic design with this bundle of 13 courses for $45

Work towards becoming a designer with these 13 courses.
Work towards becoming a designer with these 13 courses. (Anthony Shkraba/Pexels)

It’s hard to make it in the digital design world without some Adobe skills. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to jump back into a degree program and start from scratch. A better way to pick up the design skills you need quickly is the Ultimate Learn to Design Certification Bundle, which is discounted 98% to just $44.99 for 13 design courses.

Many positions are looking for those with a side helping of design skills. Any business with a social media presence needs to have someone with basic graphic design skills on their staff. Knowing Photoshop and Illustrator can open doors for you in many fields you’d never expect.

The Basic Photoshop Training course starts your education from scratch. The goal of the course is to get you modifying photos by the end of it, with all the tips and tricks of the program up your sleeve. Students have found great success with it, giving the course a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Adobe Illustrator is another invaluable program to be familiar with. The course bundle offers several courses that cover Illustrator skills. For those who are artistically gifted, learning to digitize drawings opens up a whole new world in graphic design. Can’t find the exact pattern you want for a border? Draw it, digitize it, and use it on your finished project. You’ll learn all the basics in 16 lessons.

Creativity is an important companion to technical proficiency. Courses such as “How to Find Your Art Style” and “Give Emotion To Your Characters: Drawing Expressions Step-By-Step,” bring the artistic side of graphic design into full effect. These courses concentrate on style, inspiration, and the emotional response good art evokes — an important balance to the accompanying tech talk.

Courses are taught by a variety of graphic design experts, including Lindsay Marsh, Mark Lassoff, Helen Bradley, Patricia Caldeira, Dawid Tuminski, and Yassin Marco. Tuminski, who teaches five of the courses, is a designer and instructor who operates a how-to YouTube channel for designers-in-training.

Strengthen your skills with accessible graphic design training in 13 affordable courses. Learn at your own pace with the Ultimate Learn to Design Certification Bundle, a $2,600-value training series discounted 98% for just $44.99.

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