Get an extra 15% off this 49′' LG LED TV

This TV features top-notch resolution so you can enjoy beautiful imagery & crystal-clear picture. (StackCommerce)

You may have a phone, computer, tablet, and smartwatch, but there’s still nothing quite like sitting on the couch in front of a TV. It’s the ultimate way to watch sports, binge a new show, or veg out to reality TV with loved ones.

For a limited time the LG 49″ 4K LED-Backlit LCD TV is on sale with an additional 15% off, bringing the price down to just $565.24. Use the code ANNUAL15 at checkout to watch TV and movies the right way, and at the right price.

This TV features top-notch resolution so you can enjoy the beautiful imagery of nature documentaries and watch films with crystal-clear picture. The UHD resolution will show vivid details and NanoCell™ display provides greater color accuracy at wide viewing angles.

4K resolution offers 8.3 million pixels for stunning video quality and a 4K upscaler automatically upgrades Full HD content to UHD. Set up your TV exactly how you like it with options to manage multiple displays, connect to a single remote, adjust the angle, and more.

In addition to a stellar resolution and visuals, this TV is easy to use. Smart TV setups can get complicated, but this one has all the features you need for simple navigation of all the channels and services you want. Use smart apps, access premium content, configure updates, and more with a centralized management system.

With customer reviews averaging 4.6/5 stars at Best Buy and a 4.7/5 star review on Lifewire, you can’t go wrong with this TV.

The LG 49″ 4K LED-Backlit LCD TV is perfect for anyone who’s looking to upgrade to a newer model, or who’s tired of watching movies on their laptop. Take advantage of the limited-time Semi-Annual sale to get an extra 15% off this already reduced price. Use the code ANNUAL15 at checkout to bring the price down to $564.24.

Add this TV to your living room or bedroom for a top-notch viewing experience, any night of the week.

Prices subject to change.