This heated jacket will keep you toasty during the coldest winter seasons – and it’s over 80% off.

CALDO-X Heated Jacket (via StackCommerce)

There aren’t a lot of guarantees in life. But we’re willing to take this one to the bank. There’s somebody on your holiday shopping list that is always, always...always cold.

It could be a wife or girlfriend, a child or maybe even a mom or sibling. And you’ve heard them complain about being cold for years. The CALDO-X heated jacket may finally be the holiday gift that can bring that dreaded conversation to its final end. And thankfully, it’s one of our Thankful Deals, including a limited-time price drop given to some of our bestsellers ahead of Black Friday.

The CALDO-X is an insulated puffer jacket that incorporates a power bank charger that keeps the jacket toasty warm electronically in even the coldest of settings.

With the battery plugged in, the heating panels made of ultra-fine carbon fiber lining fire up and distribute heat across the jacket’s upper back, along the collar, and even in the front pockets. The layering traps the heat inside, allowing wearers to keep the exact inner temperature they prefer, thanks to the jacket’s three distinct heat settings.

If you’re concerned about electronics and heat in bad weather, don’t be. Water-resistant materials actually protect you from the wind, rain, and snow, all while the jacket pumps out warmth. The entire garment is also protected enough to handle hand or machine washing, while even being dryer-safe.

While the CALDO-X calling card is that heat paneling to wrap you in warmth, it’s also a stylish jacket, featuring flat zipper panels, cool zipper pulls, and a detachable hood.

It’s important to note that the CALDO-X power bank charger is sold separately, but thankfully, with the jacket on sale at over 80% off, you can easily add on the charger and still deliver a brilliant gift at a price that should fit your holiday budget just as comfortably.

Available in black, navy, and denim, the CALDO-X Heated Jacket is usually $259.99, but as one of our Thankful Deals, it’s on sale now at the holiday price of just $29.99. No coupon is needed to get this rock-bottom price, but this offer will expire on Nov. 23 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, so you’re definitely on the clock. Hustle up!

Prices subject to change