Tackle up to 14 languages with Babbel’s top-grossing language app

Tackle up to 14 languages with Babbel's top-grossing language app (via StackCommerce)

Babbel’s top-grossing language-learning app is on sale for just $149.97. Learn up to 14 languages at a 70% discount.

The reasons for wanting to learn a new language are more than just preparing to travel to a new location where knowing that region’s native tongue will make travel much more enjoyable.

Mastering a new language can prove beneficial in the workplace, it can create new friendships, and, according to Neuroscience News, learning a foreign tongue can boost cognitive health. Thanks to Babbel, you don’t have to enroll in a class to further your language-learning efforts.

Purchase a lifetime subscription to Babbel for just $149.97 (reg. $599). This deal ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT on April 23.

Fourteen languages are packed into Babbel’s intuitive language-learning software. Spanish, Turkish, Italian, French, and German, among others, are included. Lessons are offered in 10- to 15-minute segments that you can fit into your daily schedule. Real-life topics such as business, family, and travel are covered in lessons to give practical application as you learn.

Babbel uses speech recognition technology to help users master the correct punctuation. Personalized review sessions further reinforce topics covered during each lesson. Users can select various skill levels as they progress, ranging from beginner to advanced.

More than 10 million people worldwide have used Babbel to explore a new language. CNN, Forbes, Business Insider, and CNET have featured the software. It’s currently rated 4.6 stars with nearly 200,000 reviews on the App Store. Nearly 500,000 reviewers on the Google Play Store have rated it 4.5 stars.

“I have been studying a wide selection of languages for the past 50 years… I have found that +Babbel to be far and away the best language learning suite out there,” writes verified buyer Rich Mooney.

Babbel can be used on desktop/laptop and mobile devices. While an Internet connection is required, users can access courses and review lessons anytime via the software’s offline mode.

With 14 options, the opportunity to master 14 languages presents endless possibilities. Tap into Babbel before time runs out on this last-chance price of $149.97 (reg. $599) to get started on your journey.

Prices subject to change.