Want a blind date for Valentine's Day? How about a book?

Seguin Public Library sets up 52 blind dates

By Tiffany Huertas - Video Journalist

SEGUIN, Texas - The Seguin Public Library is giving members a chance to go on a blind date -- with a book. 

The library wrapped 52 books with a few words about the book, which the readers chose without knowing the title or author. 

"You never know what's going to be under the wrapping paper," Erica Reyes, a library staffer, said. 

In December, the staff picked out popular and highly-rated books, which were packaged to hide the books' titles. 

"They take the book home on a blind date, because they don't see the book, they don't see the title, and based on those little words we give them, they select the title, they spend time with the book," said assistant library director Silvia Christy.

"We recommend that if at the beginning, it's not their cup of tea, stick to it a little bit longer, and at then at the end, just give us a review of what they thought."  

On Saturday, readers will gather to share their thoughts about their literary dates. 

"This takes you beyond your comfort zone, beyond your familiarity of one particular author, and then you can go ahead and choose something else that may be a new channel you will pursue," said Gretchen Ricker, a volunteer with Friends of the Library, a group that helped the library with the blind date idea. 

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