San Antonio ISD approves new graduation plan for incoming freshmen

8th grade students next year fall under new graduation guidelines


The San Antonio ISD school board voted to approve and adopt a plan, known as the distinguished level of achievement, which requires Algebra 2 for graduation.

Starting next school year, eighth-grade students will be the first to fall under the new graduation guidelines created by Texas House Bill 5.

"There are three graduation plans under House Bill 5. There's the foundation plus endorsements and then there's the distinguished level of achievement, which is the highest graduation plan under House Bill 5," said SAISD Deputy Superintendent Emilio Castro.

If you opt out of the recommended plan -- the distinguished level of achievement -- there might be a few issues if you are college bound.

"A parent or student opting out will leave a lot on the table, such as if a student graduates top 10 they forfeit their ability for eligibility for automatic admission into a state university. Additionally, they will leave opportunities on the table for colleges and scholarship opportunities," said Castro.

The new plan will only affect incoming freshman.

"So any student that is currently a senior, junior, sophomore or freshman will graduate under their current plan, which is different from HB 5," Castro said.

Incoming freshmen will begin signing up for their chosen plan at the beginning of August.

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