Credit union hands out cash to teachers

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union takes part in Random Acts of Kindness Day

SAN ANTONIORandolph Brooks Federal Credit Union on Wednesday participated in Random Acts of Kindness Day by supporting some local teachers.

The credit union handed out $100 to four teachers and $600 to Metzger Middle School in the Judson Independent School District.

"We're excited to serve the teachers, the students and invest back into them," Randolph Brooks FCU marketing and communications specialist Inez Maldonado said.

The teachers actually had to do a little work to get the money. They stepped inside an Air Vault money machine and
and grabbed as much cash as they could as dollar bills flew around the structure.

"That experience was very interesting. I didn't realize how hard it was to get money out of there," Jamie Coggins, an eighth-grade science and biology teacher, said.

Coggins and three other teachers each grabbed about $20, to the delight of students urging them on. Randolph Brooks increased the cash prize to $100 each.

The method was fun but the intent was serious.

"Financial backup helps me help them when they don't have what they need to be successful from the home for whatever the reason is," Coggins said.

Teachers say that support comes in many forms and it's the only way kids and teachers can be successful.

"If we do our job as teachers, but yet we don't get the support from the community or from the parent at home, our children aren't going to be successful," Coggins said.

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