Students celebrate 5th annual college signing day

1,100 students pledge to attend, graduate from college

SAN ANTONIO – More than a thousand high school seniors from across the Alamo City packed into the San Antonio Independent School District convocation center Friday to pledge their support to attend and graduate from college.

Destination Week is part of San Antonio’s 2020 goal to have 80 percent of all high school graduates attend a place of higher education.

"When you see people wearing their college T-shirts and things like that it inspires kids, and you know students that come up and say 'Oh, you went to UT, I've been thinking about going to UT,’" said Adriana Contreras, executive director of San Antonio Education Partnership. “Well things like that, so it start the conversation for students who really haven't thought about it."

Students said it is a great to see they are not along in continuing their education.

“My, adrenaline is rushing through my body, it's very exciting to see other kids, you know, here with me, that I'm not alone, that we are all going together, it's very exciting to me," said senior Walter Rodriguez, who plans to attend UT-Austin in the fall.

The campaign involves more than 20 organization and is funded by the city of San Antonio.