Former TV news anchor kicks off education improvement drive

Dan Rather, grandson establish $10,000 Rather Prize

SAN ANTONIO – There is room for improvement in the Texas education system.

That is the thinking behind a contest that began last year in which former CBS anchorman Dan Rather and his grandson, Martin Rather, are looking for ways to improve the system.

The pair was in San Antonio on Monday, the same day the Texas Education Agency released the state's 2016 accountability ratings.

This is the second year in which the Rather Prize will awarded. The grand prize of $10,000 was awarded last year to Eastside Memorial High School in Austin.

The prize money of $10,0000 from the Rathers will be matched by another $10,000 in in-kind contributions from Rice University.

“We have no illusions. This is very small, and we understand that,” Dan Rather said. "But sometimes great ideas take just a little bit to get them started."

“So many of the ideas to help education come from top down,” Rather said. “From Washington down or from the state capitol down.”


Rather said their approach to seeking ways to improve the system is unique.

“The idea was to get some innovation, to get some new ideas from the bottom up,” he said. “From students, teacher, principals even janitors, anyone involved in the education system.”

“There’s a real diversity of opinions and a real diversity of fantastic ideas,” said Martin Rather. “We just need to provide a venue for those ideas to rise up.”

The deadline for entries is Dec. 31. Entries may be submitted at ratherprize.com or ratherprize.org.

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