More girls enroll into local STEM high school

STEM Early College High School students dream big

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SAN ANTONIO – More girls are attending STEM Early College High School on the South Side, a school that offers a hands-on learning environment and allows students to get a start on their college education. 

"The intent of our school is to bring in any student who's interested in STEM, and who wants to pursue an associate's degree," principal Dr. Eddie Rodriguez said.

The focus in Jude Sullivan's classroom is engineering. The students there are learning about robotics, especially drones. 

Not only are the students allowed to fly the drones outside but in the classroom they learn how to make and fix drones.

"Right now we are focusing more on technology, and I think the best thing about STEM is you always get to try something new," student Esmeralda Castillo said.

The students are also showing off their talents in national competitions.

"Every year we go to NASA, and it's for the MATE Robotics," student Rosario Moreno said. "It's such a great experience."

More girls are also showing interest in STEM programs. 

"We are making our mark, we are breaking the glass ceiling and we are getting to do what everyone else is doing," Castillo said.

The girls are dreaming big and are ready for what will come next after they graduate.

"Somewhere in the biology field, whether it's becoming a doctor, I can see it," Moreno said. "It's not something that is hard to obtain anymore, it's something that I can achieve and I can see myself doing."

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