Learn to speak Klingon in Switzerland

Classes becoming increasingly popular

Flag of the Klingon Empire from the television series "Star Trek"

Migros Club School in Switzerland is offering a new course on Klingon for the low price of $80, USA Today reports.

The school, which has several locations country-wide, has been very popular, attracting full-capacity classes with more students anticipating their turn on a waiting list.

Mirjam Jaeger, who coordinates foreign language projects at the school, says they are "overwhelmed" by the interest in the course.

"It's nice to see that students are very mixed, from 14 to 61-year-olds, from Trekkies to IT professors," she said. "Being a nerd has become hip."

Andre Muller, the only instructor of Klingon for the entire country, is fluent in not only Klingon, but a dozen more as well. He teaches his three-hour crash course in a dark yellow shirt like one adorned by Captain Kirk.